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Custom Designed Spiritual Rituals & Corresponding "WitchCraftz",

  • 15 minutes
  • Choice of- Telephone Consult / Online Video Conference

Spiritual Life Coach

~Suggestions Listed Below~ (*All Requests are Made to Order) *Astrological/ Sun, Moon, Star, Birth Charts, Tree of Life *Celestial/ 72 Angels of light, 72 Angels of Shade, Universal Life Force, Divine Spirit/ Loa Guides *God +Goddess, Deities. Animal Spirits *Amulets, Charms, Talismans, Jewelry. *Herbal Mixtures, Root Salts, Flora Soaps, Hand Dipped Intention Candles *New Birth / Handfast- Marriage/ New Home Blessings *Inspiration / Motivation / Manifestation/Awaking/ Empowerment *Abundance/ Prosperity / Wisdom / Success *Love / Fertility / Family/ Loyalty/ Stability, Security, *Passion, Desire, Romance, Sensuality *Divination, Insight, Dream Magick, Astro-projection/Travel *Health & Well-Being/ Grounding / Longevity / Cleansing: Mind, Body & Spirit/ Protection / Energy Removals/ Burning Bowl Ceremonies *Remembrance Rituals, Cradle, Home & Resting Place 'Cross Road Crafts' *Seasonal Wheel. Winter & Summer Solstice & Spring & Fall Equinox *FREE Consultation. Rites & Ritual Crafts start at $117.99+

Contact Details


16 Tech Circle, Natick, MA, USA Suite 117.

         Your Spiritual Life Coach,

 Will Guide you on your life's journey, joining you by your side and together walking on the path towards Empowerment, and Self-discovery, revealing your true spiritual life purpose. 

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