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The Key= Visualize {Pt2}

We have begun to Cleanse and Recharge naturally with the Warmth, Purity, and Energy of the Sun. We Infused the Element of Water with oils to Beautify, invigorate, and Awaken. The pinch of salt was added to assist with the Release of Dull, Lifeless, Impurities that weigh heavy on our body as well as our Mind.

The exercise in The Key {pt1} was a simple way to get our mind on the track of feeling fresh, clean, and Empowered thinking in a New, and Improved Direction Towards Success.

The Next step is to Seed our Mind on the path of Positive Thought. We will Start by Grounding ourselves into all that is Pure, Positive, and Warm. We close our Eyes, As We lift our Face to the Sun's Energizing Rays. We place both hands by our sides stretching each palm downward upon the Earth. Quiet down All Noise within the Mind. Once Silent, Relaxed, and Tranquil it's time to begin to Awaken all of our known Senses. We start to focus first on how Proud, Fulfilled and Accomplished we Feel. Now as if in a dream state, our eyes come into focus, Where are you?? What is the first thing you See? Smell? Hear? Reach out, what are you Reaching for? Are you alone if not who are you with? the Key is to visualize our life not in the future, but in our lives right this moment so cast your Will and now Every step from this moment on you will Make your Desired Life Reality... ~Ms.Wcz

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